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March Presentation
John Derr,
 RPG/SQL Programmer


the "prepare" statement on steroids!

SQL DESCRIPTORS provide tremendous flexibility in dynamic SQL definition. Imagine a scenario where you have a dynamic SQL statement that returns a data set. Now imagine that you don’t know in advance what that data set is. You don’t even know what file is being read or the columns being returned. Yet, you need to process that data. Come and see how to use DESCRIPTORS to write completely flexible SQL. A working sample program, fully equipped with a plethora of comments will be made available.

Lunch 12:00 - 1:00

Presentation to follow
John Derr is currently working as an RPG/SQL programmer at TheBank of Edwardsville in Edwardsville, Illinois. He twice left management positions to return to his greater love of programming and software development. He has been working on IBM computers (IBM i, i-Series, AS400, S/38, S/36, Series-1, S/34, S/3, and even a S/360 card system at the very beginning) for longer than he cares to admit! He is amazed and in awe about the constant improvements and advances that IBM is making to the i platform – both it’s hardware (Power 9 was just released) and it’s software. He has a fascination of all things SQL, and eagerly looks forward to each new OS release to see what’s new in SQL!

Please join us at Spazio's for our March meeting.  To register for the event RSVP by noon on March 5th.  Free to members and $25 for extra attendees from member companies and $40 for non-members. 

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