Gateway/400 Group - St. Louis, MO


1/25/2023 January PDF Handout Craig Jacquez Resolve IBM i Navigator NAV_20001 Warning
9/7/2022 September PDF Handout Craig Jacquez PASE qp2term db2 utility
5/13/2021 May Webex Birgitta Hauser Did you know you can do this with SQL?!
4/8/2021 April Webex Brian May Node.js on IBM i: What is it and what’s the big deal?
2/11/2021 February Webex Simon Hutchinson Much Ado About SQL
1/14/2021 January WebEx Alan Seiden (Seiden Group) Community PHP Is Open for Business
Back to the Future with ODBC on IBM i
12/10/2020 December PDF Handout Kevin Adler (IBM) 5733OPS transition to Yum RPMs IBM i
11/12/2020 November Webex Erwin Earley Understanding and Managing the PHP environment on IBM i
3/12/2020 March Spazio Westport Barbara Morris Strategy and Best Practice for Modern RPG
2/13/2020 February Spazio Westport Alex Rodriguez / SEA Software Engineering of America Top 5 Threats Webinar- SEA
1/9/2020 January Spazio Westport Mike Pavlak Python Workshop
12/12/2019 December Spazio Westport Scott Klement Mobile RPG with PhoneGap
11/14/2019 November Spazio Westport Help Systems IBM i Marketplace with Security and HA
10/10/2019 October Spazio Westport Alan Seiden Using Db2 and SQL with Open Source Languages on IBMi
9/12/2019 September Spazio Westport Ray Everhart Test Driven Architecture
Summer Break - Join us again in September
5/9/2019 May Spazio Westport Mike Gordon Lab Services
4/11/2019 April Spazio Westport Scott Forstie

John Derr
DB2 For i SQL Routines (Triggers, Functions and Procedures)


3/14/2019 March Spazio Westport Mike Boadway Workload Performance Software
2/14/2019 February Spazio Westport Steve Grzbinski Nagios & IBM i
1/10/2019  January Spazio Westport Dan Riehl The Most Common IBM i Security Exposures and How to Assess Your System
12/13/2018 December Spazio Westport Edmund Reinhardt
Are you Covered?
Refactoring with Confidence using RDI
11/8/2018 November Spazio Westport Gus Delgado OpenLegacy Open Innovation. Open APIs.
10/11/2018 October Spazio Westport Jim Buck Using SQL and Cursors in your Programs
9/13/2018 September Spazio Westport Ted Holt
The SQL Procedures Language in a Nutshell
21st-Centruy CL
Summer Break -  Join us in September
5/10/2018 May Spazio Westport Jeffrey M Uehling What's New in 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 Security
Locking down security for your sensitive data files and objects
4/12/2018 April Spazio Westport Doug MewMaw  
Managing Your Systems In A Complex IT World
3/8/2018 March Spazio Westport John Derr  



2/8/2018 February Spazio Westport Eric Simpson  What's new in RDi 9.6
1/11/2018 January Spazio Westport Tim Rowe  SOAP REST.pdf
12/14/2017 December Spazio Westport Craig Jacquez
John Derr
IBM i and Opensource
IBM i converting an Opensource project to Native
11/9/2017 November Spazio Westport Jesse Gorzinski IBM i option 7 Example Tools Library
10/12/2017 October Spazio Westport  Robert Bestgen Intro and Whats New with Db2 Web Query
9/14/2017 September Spazio Westport Alex Roytman Node.js and RPG_Perfect Partners.pdf
5/11/2017 May Meeting Spazio Westport Aaron Bartell Hands On Lab -
My First Node.js App
4/9/2017 April Meeting Spazio Westport Jim Buck Failure to Modernize - The Real Cost!

Skills Gap 2014

Jim Buck Dec 2008

3/9/2017 March Meeting Spazio Westport Barbara Morris RPG - What's New in 7.2 & 7.3
2/9/2017 February Meeting Spazio Westport Eric Simpson What's New with RDi 9.5.1 /
1/12/2017 January Meeting Spazio Westport Thibault Dambrine SQL Join Programming Techniques
12/8/2016 December Meeting Spazio Westport Jesse Gorzinski Constellations on i: Git, Orion, and RPG
11/10/2016 November Meeting Spazio Westport Bob Luebbe Encryption on IBM i Simplified with Field Procedures
10/13/2016 October Meeting Spazio Westport Jeff Euhling New PCI-DSS version 3.2 4/2016, requirements

What's New in 7.1 7.2 and 7.3 Security
9/8/2016 September Meeting Spazio Westport Steve Will IBM i 7.3 Overview
05/12/2016 May Meeting Spazio Westport Mark Olson Power IO Update
Power Systems Hardware
04/14/2016 April Meeting Spazio Westport IBM Team Network Deployment /
DB2 Enhancements
03/10/2016 March Meeting Spazio Westport Allyn Walsh PowerHA SystemMirror for IBM i
02/11/2016 February Meeting Spazio Westport Dawn May Remote-IBM Navigator for i
01/14/2016 January Meeting Spazio Westport
Tim Rowe

Craig Jaquez

Remote - Python

EMET Introduction
12/10/2015 December Meeting Spazio Westport Jon Paris FULL DAY PRESENTATION -
11/12/2015 November Meeting Spazio Westport Tony Cairns Remote - Node.js
10/08/2015 October Meeting Spazio Westport Ted Holt SQL Tips:
Something for Everybody!
09/10/2015 September Spazio Westport Jay Deterding-
IBM i Power System

Craig Jacquez -
IBM i HTTP Admin

IBM i Power System

IBM i HTTP Admin

05/14/2015 May Meeting Spazio Westport Charlie Guarino RDI
04/09/2015 April Meeting Spazio Westport Mike Pavlak FULL DAY PRESENTATION
Zend - Hands on PHP
03//12/2015 March Meeting Spazio Westport Nicholas Lawrence Part 2: OmniFind & Incorporate Web Services with SQL queries

02/12/2015 February Meeting Spazio Westport Scott Forstie SQL for the System Administrator

Companion Examples
01/08/2015 January Meeting Spazio Westport Dan Riehl Common Security Misconceptions and Vulnerabilites
12/11/2014 December Meeting Spazio Westport Christopher Poelker Direction of the industry from a storage perspective
11/13/2014 November Meeting Spazio Westport Nicholas Lawrence OmniFind & Incorporate Web Services with SQL queries
10/09/2014 October Meeting Spazio Westport Barbara Morris Free-form RPG support on IBM i
09/11/2014 September Meeting Spazio Westport Brian May HTML5 for RPG Developers/RPG OA

HTML5 Overview

Organizing an ILE Application

HTML5 Examples

ILE Example Source
05/08/2014 May Meeting Spazio Westport Mike Schambureck IBM i Virtualization and Open Storage options
04/10/2014 April Meeting Spazio Westport Jesse Gorzinski The next generation of IBM i Access
03/13/2014 March Meeting Spazio Westport Robert Seal Disaster Recovery and High Availability
02/13/2014 February Meeting Spazio Westport Aaron Bartell Why Ruby on Rails

Intro To Ruby

Intro to Ruby on Rails

Ruby and RPG, talking at last
01/09/2014 January Meeting Spazio Westport Pete Massiello

Craig Jacquez
Looking back to see the future

Base64 encoding
12/12/2013 December Meeting Spazio Westport Linda Swan DDL vs DDS
11/14/2013 November Meeting Spazio Westport Tony Cairns XML Service

10/10/2013 October Meeting Spazio Westport Larry Bolhuis Managing PTFs
9/12/2013 September Meeting Spazio Westport Alan Seiden DB2 and PHP Best Practices on IBM i
5/9/2013 May Meeting Spazio Westport Barbara Morris Modules, service programs, activation groups, oh my!
4/11/2013 April Meeting Spazio Westport Kent Milligan DB2 for i
Stored Procedures
3/14/2013 March Meeting Spazio Westport Tony Cairns Fun with QSH, call qp2term and RPG
2/14/2013 February Meeting Spazio Westport Robert Swanson JavaScript 101:
First Look for RPG Programmers
1/10/12 January Meeting Spazio Westport Mike Pavlak PHP - What's New
12/13/12 December Meeting
Full Day
Spazio Westport Jeff Uehling
Craig Jacquez

Best Security Practices DB2

CL Enhancements DB2

IBM i Audit Capabilites DB2

Security for APP Development DB2

Whats New RPG 7.1
11/08/12 November Meeting Spazio Westport Mark Anderson IBM i v7r1 DB2
10/11/12 October Meeting Spazio Westport Jenny Dervin PowerHA SystemMirror for i & IASP
9/13/12 September Meeting Graphic Arts Jeff Carey Image Catalogs: How They Changed My Life!
The VIPA Zone: Virtualize Your IP Addresses for Uptime


5/10/12 May Meeting Aaron Bartell Mobile Development and Power of Open Source Java
4/12/12 April Meeting Brian May XML Service
3/08/12 March Meeting Dawn May
IBM I Performance Management and Performance Data Collectors

Session Handout
2/09/12 February Meeting Craig Pelke
Microsoft SQL Server Features with the IBM
Session Handout

Linked Server Lab
1/12/12 January Meeting Tom McKinley
Science and Art of Indexes and Statitics for DB2 IBM i
Session Handout
12/8/11 December Meeting John Earl
Automatic Encryption on the IBM i:
Session Handout
11/10/11 November Meeting Kevin Mort Pimp my i
Session Handout
10/13/11 October Meeting Jon Paris Programming with PHP an Introduction for RPGers
9/8/11 September Meeting Charles Guarino See Handouts
05/12/11 May Meeting Sheryl Larson SQL
04/14/11 April
Kent Milligan Latest DB2 for i features
03/10/11 March
Aaron Bartell RPG Droid – Developing your first Google Android application
02/10/11 February
Greg Hintermeister Systems Director for IBM i
01/13/11 January
Barb Morris latest on RPG
12/09/10 December Meeting Mike Pavlak  PHP for RPG Developers.
1. PHP101
2. Arrays for RPG
3. Function Junction
4. Toolkit Examples
5. BuildyourIntranet
11/04/10 November
Jeff Uehling Security concerns with Cloud Computing
10/14/10 October Meeting Terry Silva CGIDEV2
09/09/10 September Meeting Greg Kyberz Preparing for
 Power 7

Getting iReady for Power 7
05/13/10 May Meeting Aaron Bartell "WDSC First Kiss" and "WDSC Tidbits of Goodies"
04/08/10 April Meeting Mike Pavlak "Getting Started with PHP on IBM i"
03/11/10 March Meeting Pat Botz "Object Level Security"
"Step by Step Approach to Object Level Security"
02/11/10 February Meeting Scott Klement "Pattern for Reusable RPG"

"RPG User Defined Functions & Table Functions"
01/14/10 January Meeting Jamie Barnes

IBM i trends and directions

12/10/09 December Meeting Bruce Vining "CL Story Continues"

11/12/09 November Meeting Bryan Meyers "WWW.RPG.IV"
10/08/09 October Meeting Tom McKinley

"Database Modernization: Object Creation and Access" and "SQL Stored Procedures"

9/10/09 September Meeting Charles Guarino

How to implement encryption w RPG & WDSC Tips

5/14/09 May Meeting Alison Butterill Power i Roadshow Moving RPG to SOA
4/9/09 April Meeting Barb Brown
Craig Jacquez
Open Source Alternatives to DB2 Web Query BIRT & FLEX
3/12/09 March Meeting Barb Brown SSL and Managing Certificates on the System i
2/12/09 February Meeting Daniel Hiebert, IBM Web Services on IBM i part 1 and part 2
1/8/09 January Meeting Bryan Meyers What's New in CL 6.1 - Building Your Own CL Commands
12/11/08 December Meeting Scott Klement
11/13/08 ALL DAY EVENT Skip Marchesani Beyond the Basics with SQL - original

Beyond the Basics with SQL - Updated Version

10/9/08 October Meeting Barbara Brown iSeries Navigator database tools


9/11/08 Sept Meeting Rodrigo Villalobos System i Navigator for V6.1  & Part 2
5/8/08 May Meeting Mike Pavlak Php on the System I


4/10/08 April Meeting Margaret Fenlon Integrated File System Fundamentals

Integrated File System Advanced Topics

3/13/08 March Meeting Pete Helgren Open Source with System I
2/14/08 February Meeting ALL DAY Susan Gantner & Jon Paris We Love i-Series Developers
1/10/08 January Meeting

Gottfried Schimunek

Getting Ready for V6R1
12/13/2007 December Meeting Roxanne Reynolds-Lair IP Telephony
11/08/2007 November Meeting   ALL DAY Richard Dolewski Disaster Preparedness
10/11/2007 October Meeting John Earl The Top Ten OS/400 Security Risks
09/13/2007 September Meeting Jacqueline Jansen IBM DB2 Web Query for Systemi
05/10/2007 May Meeting Trevor Perry Application Modernization
04/12/2007 April Meeting George Farr Websphere Development Studio


03/08/2007 March Meeting Sheryl Larson SQL
02/08/2007 February Meeting Alison Butterill
Embedding SQL into Application Programs
01/11/2007 January Meeting Osman Omer eServer Middleware Enablement IBM Java 101
12/14/06 Christmas Luncheon Kevin Forsythe CL Enhancements
11/9/06 All Day Roadshow Wayne Madden, Carson Soule, Paul Conte N/A
10/12/06 October Meeting ALL DAY Bryan Meyers RPG IV Update -- What's New?
How to Build Procedures

Creating and Maintaining Service Programs
Favorite Tips and Techniques
9/14/06 Sept Meeting Barry Kirksey

High availability has changed forever

Turn downtime into primetime

5/11/06 May Meeting Frank Thomas

MS Office and iSeries Integration , Setup and Overview

MS Office and iSeries Integration, Basic Functions Word/Excel

MS Office and iSeries Integration, More Functions

     MS Office and iSeries Integration, putting it all together

4/13/06 Apr Meeting Bill Shaffer (IBM Boulder) Intelligent Communications
3/9/06 Mar Meeting Carol Miner (IBM Rochester) Accessing your database with iSeries Access & iSeries Access for the Web
2/9/06 Feb Meeting Tracy Smith iSeries Product Update
1/12/06 Jan Meeting Melissa Anderson Intro to HTML

HTML part 2


12/8/05 Dec Meeting Tom McKinley An Intro to Query Optimization
The Science and Art of Query Optimization
Debugging Tuning via Navigator
11/10/05 Nov Meeting Paul Tuohy ILE by Example
RPG Tricks and Techniques
How Does RPG Talk to a Browser
Getting Started with CGIDEV2
10/13/05 Oct Meeting Jamie Barnes

Tim Thomas

IBM technical developments
9/08/05 Sept Meeting Barbara Brown iSeries Navigator – use it or loose out. (Handout)
5/12/05 May Meeting Skip Marchesani The Easy Stuff

The Hard Stuff

4/14/05 April Meeting Jeff Benton RFID
3/10/05 March Meeting iSeries Navigator Full Size

Paper Saver

2/10/05 February Meeting iSeries Web Enablement Web Enablement Page
1/13/05 January Meeting A Roadmap for Availability and Business Continuity Planning Availability Roadmap
12/9/04 December Meeting “Uplifting Observations from a Lifelong Midwesterner”
“Coping with Humorlessness in an Automated Age!”
11/11/04 November Meeting Enhance Your 5250 GUI Access with HATS LE

iSeries Access Family What's New in 2004

10/26/04 PC Subgroup Linux introduction:What solutions can Linux provide your business? Linux Introduction
10/14/04 October Meeting Fighting Spam Fighting Spam Outline
9/28/04 PC Subgroup Implementing Secure Socket Layers (SSL) on iSeries SSL Implementation on iSeries
9/9/04 September Meeting Overview of i5, V5R3, with Trends and Directions eSeries I5 Overview Handout
5/25/04 PC Subgroup IBM (powered by Apache) HTTP Server
How to get started
What it can be used for
5/13/04 May Meeting iSeries Navigator
4/27/04 PC Subgroup DB2 Extenders for iSeries
4/8/04 April Meeting Real Vision Imaging - An Enterprise Imaging Strategy
3/23/04 PC Subgroup Web Services: the key to Business Integration
3/11/04 March Meeting
All Day Event!
Al Barsa and Jim Sloan all day presenting topics covering: API's, V5R3, Save techniques, System Values and sophisticated CL programming.
2/24/04 PC Subgroup Windows on the iSeries
2/12/04 February Meeting Remote System Explorer and the latest and greatest in RPG IV coming to an iSeries near you!!!
1/27/04 PC Subgroup DB2 Extenders for iSeries
1/08/04 January Meeting iSeries and its IFS
12/11/03 December Meeting Untangling IT - 25 years of lessons in effective IT leadership
11/25/03 PC Subgroup Websphere Development Studio Client for iSeries
11/13/03 November Meeting Technologies for Conducting Business in the Global Marketplace
10/28/03 PC Subgroup Hacking the iSeries SNA and TCP/IP Network Servers: The exposures and solutions
10/9/03 October Meeting What's New; What's Coming and What You Should Know